An OG gamer over here. This one was lucky enough to grow up in the 2nd-gen gaming era. Including the portable consoles, of which he was always seen carrying one. After a long hiatus, he is now back with all the very latest gens!

We got our very own gaming Princess here! Let's just say gaming has always been around her entourage and she made herself comfortable in it. Although these days she pivoted more towards mobile gaming. Find her dominating with her clan in PUBG

This one wants to be as far away possible from being a princess. She is mysterious and has a foot in the dark arts. Yet she has a lot of compassion for her friends and she loves animals. Noticeably big into creation games and exploration.

So called demon kid but the closest to an angel in the clan. Of course, big into action and adventure games, and very versatile! Can switch around consoles almost intuitively! This one is not shy in front of cams. Come challenge him in Fortnite.

The little baby shark of the family, it is Cuuuuuuetiepie!!

This one will be special; she will be able to watch and learn from the mistakes of the older siblings and apply their lessons in her young life! But shhhh, for now just smile and wave... smile and wave...